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About Me:

Hi, I’m a mom to a beautiful daughter, Isabella. I am “respawning” my life to get healthier. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. I have started a blog to keep myself accountable and to show others that they are not alone. Follow me on my quest for a healthy life on all levels. Join me in my successes and my learning experiences. My good days and bad. Share your own experiences with me. I would love to hear from you!


My Big “Why”:

Why I want to get healthy.

My big “why” is for my daughter. To be the mom she so deserves. The mom that can get on the floor to play. That can run and ride bikes and play tag with her. The friend that can go on rides with her at the amusement parks. The mom that isn’t sad all the time and can be her shoulder to cry on. The one that doesn’t worry constantly and have anxiety so bad that I can’t join her on field trips. I also want to get healthier for my boyfriend, Philip. He deserves a girlfriend that loves her own body. That can be active outdoors with him. One that can give him her attention without having severe mood swings. One that has the knowledge to be able to cook healthy meals for our family. BUT, most importantly, I want to get create a new healthy lifestyle for ME! I want to create body confidence in myself. I want to build physical strength and lift things, and run!!! I want to go out in public with my daughter and boyfriend without feeling panic crawling on my skin. I want to be able to breath after going up the stairs and not feel like there is another human being sitting on my chest 24/7. I want to feel good!!!

My Inspirations:

  • My daughter & boyfriend
  • My blog check-ins and progress reports
  • The fun, sexy, beautiful, comfy clothes I have packed away


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