Hi! Let me introduce myself…

HI! I am Rebekah Kibbe. I am creating this blog to help me keep myself accountable. I have tried being accountable to a specific person ( like and accountability buddy sort of thing) but failed miserably. Either I was doing bad and didn’t want to face them, or I was doing great and was so busy/distracted to remember to keep in contact. SO here I am. Sharing my journey to health here with whomever takes the time to read and follow me. I LOVE getting feedback from my followers and friends! So please leave me a note in the comments or messages or wherever! Give me your own success or struggles, motivation or suggestions. Anything. I want to hear from you! Later as I get more followers I would love to do discussion posts on topics chosen by my readers. And also share someone else’s story through a Q & A conversation. All my social media profiles are at the top of this homepage. Be sure to check them out and follow there too!

Now a little bit more about where I am at. LONG story short, I want to work on 3 levels of health. physical, mental, and spiritual. Spiritually, I grew up in an extremely strict Pentecostal home. Extremely. And was told many lies about God and “religion”. I am trying to wipe all that from my mind and figure out for myself who God is and what he wants for my life. (Side note… there will be no pushing God or religion here on this blog. Had enough of that growing up) Moving on…. Mental health. I have depression and anxiety. Currently I take 3 medications for this specifically. I just had a follow up doctors appointment for my most recent med change. My doctor sent me for blood work to test for a few things, but specifically my A1C. I may have Type 2? (The not permanent can be helped kind) of diabetes. I should have the results from that by Monday. She also has put in a referral this week for me to go to a therapist. We want to work on my depression and my binge eating problem.  So here, my goal is to try to do whatever I can to help control my depression and anxiety. Maybe someday I won’t need medications, but for now I will be happy just being able to start enjoying life.  Finally, I want to have a healthier physical body. I will post my beginning of June starting numbers in a post tomorrow.  Basically, I am starting this journey at 342 lbs.. Stairs leave me struggling to breathe. Can’t find decent clothes to fit that I can afford. My “ultimate” goal is to lose 200 lbs. BUT, I am more concerned with my strength/building muscles, how I look, and my health. If I am meeting my strength goals and am healthy at 160 pounds…. whatever. I don’t care. Some of my non-scale goals are to ride my bike on trails, be able to hike to mountain peaks and on random trails, gain strength/muscles/definition in my arms and legs, be able to run a marathon. *** I can barely, and I mean barely, walk a 5k let alone run. But I will keep working at it!!!

Now for a tiny bit of personal info. I am 27 years old. Just had a birthday. I have a beautiful 5 yr. old daughter, Isabella. I refer to her as Izzy, Bella, or Bells depending on my mood or situation I guess?..? I am dating and live with my amazing boyfriend, Philip. We have been together for 7 months now, however…. I have been in love with him since 2006. (Long story for another day) We live in Maine and I personally do not enjoy the Maine weather but yet here I am haha.  Born & raised here. Hmmm what else… I love books and reading. Mostly fact, history, learning stuff now. If I do read novels it not-to-romancy fantasy novels. Phil and I are currently reading  The Hobbit together. And I am part way through Mistress Of Dragons. Oh I love dragons!! Anyway, this has been a bit more than tiny.  Thank you for reading taking the time to read this! And for sharing in my journey!  I would love to hear from you. Questions, comments, agreements, disagreements, encouragement, experiences… anything! Take care!



10 thoughts on “Hi! Let me introduce myself…

  1. Hi Rebekah! I don’t share my personal weight loss journey on my blog; I tend to keep it on my instagram, but I’m so glad to see you sharing something so personal. I have struggled a lot with my weight too. I don’t want to give any unsolicited advice, and I hope your doctor has tried to help you set your weight loss goals. I have been counting calories and walking. I just incorporated an hour long interval training video to help too. I know you can reach your goals! Let’s do this!

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  2. Hey 👋 there…

    We all have our personal struggles…and only for your own self worth that you need to change and make it happen..

    You are going in the right direction with this… and each progress will be a great accomplishment for you…

    Please keep on sharing your journey..

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