June 1st Stats

As promised, here is a quick note with the beginning of June’s measurements.

*These are also my starting numbers. Highest/biggest I have been. Not counting, while pregnant of course.


Measurements in inches:

  • Neck 15
  • Left Arm 22
  • Right Arm 21
  • Chest 46.5
  • Waist 51
  • Hips 66
  • Left Thigh 35
  • Right Thigh 34
  • Left Calf 20
  • Right Calf 19.5

Body Fat Percentage using online calculator and the Navy Formula – 77%

Quick update – today is day 2 of strict tracking and a 95% Paleo diet. My current calorie/macro goals are: 1,840 Calories – Under 92g Carbs – At least 115g Protein – And about 112g Fat. I’m not doing macro counting exactly, I’m just really watching my carbs.  So yesterday ended with 1,455 Cals, 58g Carbs, 75g Fat, & 131g Protein.  Today was 1,703 Cals, 55g Carbs, 106g Fat, and 122g Protein. So both successful. And all paleo except for my coffee creamer (working progress), salad dressing (haven’t found a clean version I like yet) and 2 – 50 calorie servings of a carb to kill the cravings.


Today for the first time in what feels like forever (definitely exaggerating here… maybe 4 or 5 years) I didn’t feel lethargic at all!!!! Usually even with coffee I feel like I could easily go back to sleep literally all my waking hours (no exaggeration here). Today I was clear minded and could focus and even willingly subjected my normally lazy self to tring out my new bike. Which I LOVED by the way. That is going to be my exercise tomorrow and I actually look forward to it…. Who is this girl?????


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