First Full Progress Report

So Saturday I spent the day in Bangor with my mom and a lot of time in the car. Some very unhealthy choices were made for breakfast and lunch (fast food… a necessary evil of car trips). Although I have done a bit of research since then and have an idea of some healthier fast food option I can choose next time. But hey, shit happens. Moving on. Sunday had a bad choice or two but I knew ahead of time and was able to keep my over all calorie intake at a reasonable amount. Now for the progress report part. Today was weigh in day. I am down to 340 lbs. A 2lb loss this week!!! I will take it. But more important than that, this week has ended with me feeling physically better and stronger. I rode my bike a bit and found out, I love it!!! So that will be on my exercise menu a lot over the coming months. I also got a new planner and will be able to keep track of everything in one place. My business, Izzy’s summer activity schedule, doctor appointments, Phil’s work schedule, weigh in and measurement days, strength training days, paydays, pet care schedules, etcetc. I will send a pic of what July looks like. This has helped my stress levels already. I’m not so worried about forgetting things and it is helping me set up routines for myself which I know I need. Mental health related, yesterday I had a very bad day. It seemed like everything caused hurt. But thanks to the support of my boyfriend, I made it through and woke up today feeling sooooo much better. Speaking of, Saturday, mentally, was the most I have felt like myself in years!!! This gave me hope that I am slowly healing and will be able to be the person I want to be for the future. Anxiety related, today Izzy had “Pirate Day” at school. The event was pirate themed and included games, food, music, and walking the plank in cardboard infested waters. This also meant probably hundreds of kids/adults in a small area. Surprisingly, I didn’t think twice about going. The week before school ended, I chickened out on a field trip with Izzy because the anxiety was too much. But I have been convincing myself that this summer I have to suck it up and deal for Izzy’s sake. And apparently my little mental chats have been helping. Don’t get me wrong… I still felt completely out of place  and in the way. But I went and that is what matters. AND…. Izzy made the 6 o’clock news hahahaha. The news was doing a story on the event and filmed Izzy while she was walking the plank. Yes I recorded the news story. And yes I put it on facebook. It was so adorable. Especially when she gets off the plank and you see that her pirate eye patch is literally between her eyes because she decided if she put it there she would be able to see out of both her eyes. Crazy kid. Anyways, I am done for now. All in all I count the past 7 days as a success. Weight is down, mood is up, anxiety is healing, and progress has been made. Let’s see what week 2 shall bring!!! How was your week? Do you have any successes to share? Lessons learned ( never failures or mistakes)?


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