A Major Decision

I had an appointment with a new obgyn yesterday. He is going to test me for pcos again (which they now call metabolic syndrome). He also suggested that I strongly consider gastric bypass surgery. He is the third medical professional to suggest this for me this month. Now a little background… in end of 2013 to beginning of 2014 I had been accepted into Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Surgical Weight Loss Program. The best in Maine and most of our country. I went through all the steps up to meeting with my surgeon. Unfortunately, I let my lack of a support system and statements from family members and my now ex husband convince me to cancel and drop out of the program. Well here we are about 3 years later and almost 60 lbs heavier.  I now have amazing support in the form of my boyfriend, who has stood by me through all my recent medical issues. And some of those were pretty bad. I also have the motivation to take this step from my daughter. She is my reason for wanting to get healthy to begin with! I want to be able to ride roller coasters and other rides. I want to be able to ride bikes and run trails with her. All of that fun stuff! Back to the decision. This surgery option has been back on my mind for a few months now. But after yesterday’s appointment I decided to do as much research as I could while Phil was at work and make a list of all the pros and all the cons. Then Phil and I discussed it for a few hours last night and I have made my final decision. Going back for the gastric bypass is my best option right now. The only really complicated part is going to be working with the dietician because I really want to stay mostly paleo or unprocessed foods, and I have to be lactose free. I already know it’s possible, we just need to work together to find the right ingredients for success in this area.  I will put the pics of my lists in this post. About # 10 on the good points list. What I am referring to is I just recently developed the lactose intolerance and I figured out pretty quick that if I eat something I’m not supposed to then it makes me very sick. And it has made quitting dairy partly easy because I HATE being sick to my stomach.  So I believe the bypass will be a great tool for me because if I know that eating unhealthy foods is going to make me physically sick, it will be easier to stay on track.   Well this is enough for one post. Thank you for listening to my journey! Have you had weight loss surgery or know anyone that has? Could you share your/their results, experiences, or advice with me?


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