Month 1 is done!!!

End of June progress is in. Really been 2.5 weeks of actual work. Not a full month.

Quick overview:

Physical – down 6 lbs and 6.25 inches.

Mental – I have had only 2 bad days recently compared to every other day in the past. And by bad day, I mean strictly mental. Depression flare up or severe mood swings.

Spiritually – Still lacking here as I have been focused on getting into routines with the rest of my life.

July’s plans:

Would like to be down another 6 lbs but am putting my concentration on other things such as… I want to complete 1 strength training day per week this month. Also want to walk 20 miles total. And be able to ride my bike to the “eagle” and back. It is a landmark park in my town. I think almost a mile 1 way.  I also want to work on going as dairy free as I can. I have switched my coffee creamer to one that is after surgery acceptable but still has dairy in it, and my premade protein shakes have dairy I think. But other than those 2 things I want to dairy free by the end of the month. Mentally, I am currently trying to monitor my internal self talk. I think this is going to be a huge factor in my overall mental health! And spiritually I am going to continue to have conversations with my very knowledgable boyfriend and try to figure out some things for myself.

Thank you for taking a moment from your day to join me. Do you currently have any goals for July? Or progress you would like to share? Or advice for me on my current goals? Would love to hear from you!!!

P.s. I have my first support group meeting for weight loss surgery patients tonight. Stay tuned for an update on that and more!

P.p.s. Today’s picture is mental health related. I finally felt calm and mentally quiet enough yesterday to do my nails.


17 thoughts on “Month 1 is done!!!

  1. You are amazing! I am so looking forward to your posts and seeing your progress. Good for you for making the choice to take control of your life in all aspects 🙂 I know its not always easy!

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  2. These are great goals for yourself! One thing I struggled with later was not meeting a weight loss goal. I had to learn not to beat myself up over it and look at how great I feel and how my clothes fit better.

    I’m currently down 20 pounds in a span of 90 days. My personal goal for July is to complete a one hour cardio and strength training workout 3 times a week. A small goal, but hopefully one that’ll lead to weight loss and strength.

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      1. It’s going well so far. I’m trying to to worry too much but my weight loss has slowed down drastically from 2 pounds a week to about a half a pound a week. I’ve started exercising about 2 weeks ago in hopes it’ll pick back up! 🙂

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