Stepping backwards

Hi. I haven’t posted in a little over a week. A lot has happened. Much progress has been made and I have stepped back in a few areas and am currently paying the price for those lessons. Last post, I was getting ready to go to a support group for my GP surgery. Well, I went. My mom came with me because she herself has been considering the surgery. After hearing the people’s stories, struggles and successes, she decided to start her own journey to surgery and better health. I’m hoping to have an interview with her next year after her surgery to share with all of you. As for me, I felt so grateful and blessed, and spoiled, because my boyfriend Philip came to support me in this journey. Even someone in the group pointed out that it is rare and amazing to see a spouse/partner come with the prospective patients. Over the next few days, I also received my paperwork from the Surgical Weight Loss Program (SWLP) with the dates for my 3 dietitian appointments. My first one is July 26th. Once there, I am going to see if they can move the others closer together. Right now they are 1 month apart. Still waiting on the Psychological eval appointment. Either way, it appears as though surgery will be by the end of October at the latest. Hopefully.

In other news, It has been decided. I have definitely developed a lactose intolerance. Yay!! **rolls eyes** I was going dairy free for the most part for a while, but that is one of the above mentioned steps I took backwards this last week. I went back to dairy. And stopped counting calories and even a day or 2 where I didn’t hydrate sufficiently. The dairy has made me sick and then it knocked me off all tracks cause I just gave up trying. No excuses here. So now I must start the transition back to no dairy. If anyone has a coffee creamer recommendation I would love to know. It has to be low carb and low sugar to be ok after surgery. So far I want to try Nut Pods. They have been recommended by a few people I know. Any other suggestions? Oh and I don’t use anything else in my coffee other than creamer so it must be creamy and sweet.

I am sorry to all those that have left comments on my previous posts that I have not responded to yet. That is my next focus. I love to hear from all of you and don’t want to be silent about it!!! Keep those comments coming!

Mindset wise I think this week has been ok. Well better than most. 1 rough day out of 7 is great progress for me. This week I have also tried to stay busy because my business needs my desperate attention. So staying focused on a to-do list has helped my mind tremendously. I do have my first appointment with a therapist to help with my depression later this week so hopefully this is a step forward in a healthier direction.

The rest of my life: Hmmmm let’s see. I’m currently working (very slowly) on a Peterbilt tractor-trailer model. My hamster, Cookie, escaped her cage but was found unharmed and put back in her home. She is also getting more and more people friendly. My current coloring book projects are Little Charmers pages and a Dr. Who book Phil surprised me with! And today I just got a variety pack of jump rings for doing chain maille projects. I’m obsessed with chain maille but have not done anything in over a year. My first project is going to be a European 4-in-1 bracelet.  Yep… we are a very crafty family. Between all of us there is : car model kits, painting, drawing/sketching, chain maille, coloring, wood crafts, and probably many others I can’t think of just now. It’s really hot and I don’t want to be awake right now haha.

I will be back soon. Hopefully with some new progress.  And some more thoughts about the surgery journey.

How are you doing this week? What are your hobbies?


19 thoughts on “Stepping backwards

  1. Stopped by to thank you for following my blog, and found out you’re a very busy woman. You should be very proud of yourself. It’s an amazing feat to take care of a child, and do all the things you do; and on top of that – open up a blog that puts you out in front of the world! Just from this post, I can tell you’re a very strong person, and will succeed in everything you do. As someone who has often struggled with my weight, I’ll come back, see how you’re doing, and maybe gain some inspiration. Take care.

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  2. Thank you very much for following my blog. When I took a look at what your blog was like, I was blown away. Not just because you are taking back your life, but because just within the past few days I’ve been thinking about it myself! It’s like you just miraculously showed up! I’m about your size and it’s hard. A few years ago I lost 50 lbs and was pretty proud of myself. Last year my neurologist put me on Depakote and almost all of the weight came back overnight. It’s time to do something. It’s time to be like you and strive toward better health. You have no idea how much I am going to enjoy reading about your journey. I”ll have to go back to see what surgery you’ve decided on. I’m so happy for you!

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      1. I’d been thinking about it for a couple of weeks and I’ve read a lot and I’ve even found a recommended surgeon. All I have to do is make the call. I decided tonight that I’m going to do it. My husband gets back from a camping trip at the end of next week and I’m going to do it!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your “adventure.”

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  3. Wow, so sorry you have to go through so much. I grew up with severe asthma and spent much of my childhood in ER’S and hospitals so I know what it’s like to have to deal with body/health issues. I wish you the best.

    Thanks, too, for following my blog !

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