Seeing the scale


Seeing your numbers go down….

I was thinking the other day. Following a fitness group on fb ( Nerd Fitness For Women Love it!!! ) and reading people’s stories online I see a lot of photos of people on scales showing off their new weight. I myself have never done this and will only do it once. That one time will be when I finally get under 200 pounds.

Why is that one so important?

Well, because I have never seen it myself. Literally. The first time I stepped on a scale was when I was 13 years old. I was homeschooled and EXTREMELY sheltered and my only socialization was at church. Kids had started picking on me because of my weight and I honestly didn’t know I was fatter than they were. Now this was a ridiculous thought considering my 2 closest friends wore a juniors size 1 or so. I was in a womans 16.  Yep that’s not a typo. One day when I was trying to explain that we were practically the same size, they came back with well we weigh XXX what do you weigh? Their weights ranged from 100-120 ish. So that Sunday I went home and dug out our bathroom scale. My mom had just recently upgraded to a digital one. I weighed myself. 203 lbs it read. At first I thought oh ok well I guess I am “bigger” than they are. I still didn’t call it fat or overweight. I was just bigger. I had no clue that 100 lbs difference on a kid looked extremely different.  It wasn’t for another few months that I would start to develop a horrible body image and sink to a deep depression. Granted, I have had depression for as long as I can remember (6yrs old ish), I just never knew what it was until later on in life.

So there you have it,

I will be sharing 1 and only 1 scale photo when that thing says 199.8 or less. Now ultimately my goals are health related not weight. But as unhealthy as I am, that weight is going to take care of itself as I develop new eating habits, go through the surgery, and get off my butt and move. And just take care of myself over all.

I hope you all are doing fantastic!! And thanks for following my journey!


12 thoughts on “Seeing the scale

  1. I hear you about the magic number. I’ve struggled to get there for years and when I get close I stop and start to gain back. Maybe you will inspire me to go for it again. Best of luck. I’m following you to see how you do. Thanks for following me. Carol

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