Seeing the scale


Seeing your numbers go down….

I was thinking the other day. Following a fitness group on fb ( Nerd Fitness For Women Love it!!! ) and reading people’s stories online I see a lot of photos of people on scales showing off their new weight. I myself have never done this and will only do it once. That one time will be when I finally get under 200 pounds.

Why is that one so important?

Well, because I have never seen it myself. Literally. The first time I stepped on a scale was when I was 13 years old. I was homeschooled and EXTREMELY sheltered and my only socialization was at church. Kids had started picking on me because of my weight and I honestly didn’t know I was fatter than they were. Now this was a ridiculous thought considering my 2 closest friends wore a juniors size 1 or so. I was in a womans 16.  Yep that’s not a typo. One day when I was trying to explain that we were practically the same size, they came back with well we weigh XXX what do you weigh? Their weights ranged from 100-120 ish. So that Sunday I went home and dug out our bathroom scale. My mom had just recently upgraded to a digital one. I weighed myself. 203 lbs it read. At first I thought oh ok well I guess I am “bigger” than they are. I still didn’t call it fat or overweight. I was just bigger. I had no clue that 100 lbs difference on a kid looked extremely different.  It wasn’t for another few months that I would start to develop a horrible body image and sink to a deep depression. Granted, I have had depression for as long as I can remember (6yrs old ish), I just never knew what it was until later on in life.

So there you have it,

I will be sharing 1 and only 1 scale photo when that thing says 199.8 or less. Now ultimately my goals are health related not weight. But as unhealthy as I am, that weight is going to take care of itself as I develop new eating habits, go through the surgery, and get off my butt and move. And just take care of myself over all.

I hope you all are doing fantastic!! And thanks for following my journey!

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