Onward & Upward

A Step In The Right Direction

Today is going to focus entirely on mental health / confidence, and is going to be very short.

One thing I know I know but is very hard to remember when I’m hit with depression is that the way I look / view myself helps or hurts my current mood. What I mean is, if I walk past a mirror and am currently be negative with myself and “hate” what I see, my depression gets worse. But if I am being positive and uplifting with myself mentally, it can help me get out of my rabbit hole a bit.

I’m trying to rethink my attitude towards myself and trying to learn to accept and love myself for who I am right in this moment. I feel like I am making progress. However, I know that if I am in a depression and don’t bother to get dressed & procrastinate my shower, I feel worse and have a hard time being positive with myself. But if I can force myself into the shower, get dressed in not so frumpy clothes, and then put a tiny bit of makeup on, I feel sooooo much better. These steps alone can sometimes pull me out of my depression completely.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

When I’m depressed it takes an enormous amount of willpower and energy to get myself started on the look good, feel good path. And then when I get to the makeup…. it can sometimes be extremely overwhelming. I grew up in a strict religious family. Was never allowed makeup, or to dance, or do a bunch of things that girls do. So as an adult I feel like I have no clue whatsoever about how to do makeup. I love it. And I love color. But that doesn’t help my body image when my makeup looks like a kid put it on for me. I’m slowly learning and teaching myself.

Getting Organized

I do know that being unorganized creates extra anxiety with me. Crazy statement coming from a hoarder mentality person. But it’s a fact of my life. It dawned on me this week. All of my makeup is sitting in 2 containers and not easily visible. No clue what I have or don’t. Or the difference in colors, etc.. So duh!! Of course I am overwhelmed. With no clue what I am doing and then throw in this disaster, I have sentenced myself to failure before I even start. This collection of thoughts led me to find some different sized containers and organize my entire hurricane mess of makeup.

So here it is:



Tomorrow I will get to try out my new system and see if it helps at all.  One more baby step towards a healthier me!!!



6 thoughts on “Onward & Upward

  1. Mental health is a subject I’m always interested in because my own MH is up and down, up and down, no medication at all. I’m unbalanced because I’m more down than up and I get the whole thing with the mirror. I’ve found that the key to staying positive is to always do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, mopping the floor, scrubbing some pots, reading, writing, going somewhere. Getting organized is very important and I’m glad you wrote about it. One thing I hate is chaos, if I’m in a chaotic environment, I lose my apples! Isn’t it weird that some flat out positive people are not organized at all? I have a brother and the dude can hardly make up his bed or pick up a sock and he’s always so positive. Jeez. It’s like he got his positivity in double doses, explains why I’m the way I am. He has MY positivity! I think me and him need a little talk. Nice containers, great post Becka!

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    1. Thanks for sharing! Exactly, doing just 1 thing can give a small sense of accomplishment and help you feel a little bit better. Haha tell your brother I need some positive vibes sent this way too! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the positive notes!

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  2. Laura

    Thanks for the excellent post. I can relate completely. The more things feel disorganized the more anxious I become. Doing a little every day to clear clutter is important to me, but it’s easy to get out of the habit. Thank you for sharing your journey

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