Respawn Final Part 5 of 5

Today's blog post is going to be super short. Mostly cause I think I dragged these respawn updates way too far. So part 5 was going to cover "plan & goals"  Here is the short version: Goals Lose weight Gain strength in muscles Get organized in all life areas Get depression under control Gain confidence …

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My Respawn Part 1 of 5

re·spawn verb verb: respawn; 3rd person present: respawns; past tense: respawned; past participle: respawns; gerund or present participle: respawning; verb: re-spawn; 3rd person present: re-spawns; past tense: re-spawned; past participle: re-spawned; gerund or present participle: re-spawning rēˈspôn/ 1. (of a character in a video game) reappear after having been killed. "if someone dies—and they probably …

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